So, you’ve volunteered to be on the social committee for your Vancouver company, and now it’s time to come up with your company holiday party entertainment…what to do?

A quick Google search for “Company Holiday Party Entertainment” delivers a couple million results back your way; which might be a little overwhelming as a starting point. Luckly, The Comedy Department is here to help!

Try Corporate Comedy For Your Next Event

Planning the holiday party is a big task. We know. We’re fortunate enough to work with teams every holiday season as they’re putting all the details in place for their organization’s party. 

We’re there to take the stress and all the admin work out of the entertainment component. That’s our specialty. We add the “wow” factor to your corporate party, creating memorable moments and stories with our customized holiday party packages, connecting your staff through a lot of laughter and a performance that engages everyone. 

people celebrating at an office holiday party

What Do People Look For in a Good Office Party?

A recent study done by TriNet, a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, sought to find out the top reasons people enjoyed their office parties. 

And number one on the list, chosen by 50% of all respondents, was the opportunity to connect with coworkers. That’s where The Comedy Department comes in. Our holiday party comedy shows are uniquely designed to do just that: connect your staff, regardless of the number of guests. 

Create A Hilarious Corporate Holiday Event

As highlighted above, our company holiday party entertainment performances are completely customized to the element that makes your company great: the people This makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. We gather information from you prior to the date (on your industry, your company, staff and even key personalities) and include this in the performance. It’s always done in a good-natured and professional manner while being hilarious. 

We hear again and again that our custom holiday comedy shows area perfect exclamation point for the party; a fun and heartfelt way to celebrate the past year together as a company. 

 We have a number of Company Party Entertainment packages to choose from.

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SAK Comedy Holiday Party Entertainment

Also, if you’re in US, our friends at SAK Comedy have years of experience creating memorable entertainment experiences at company holiday parties. 

Check them out for your company holiday party entertainment this year

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