Unique…memorable…and hilarious – that’s what a customized wedding entertainment improv performance brings to your wedding day. 

You’re the stars of your big day, while we add an extra “wow” factor, elevating the wedding experience for you, your family and all the guests. 

Our one-of-a-kind wedding improv performance connects everyone at your wedding with a hilarious show highlighting your story and your journey to this day. 

wedding entertainment improv


From “how we met”, to first dates, to meeting the parents and even a peek into the future, our team designs and delivers a wedding day performance that brings everyone together, from grandparents, to aunts and uncles, friends and plus-ones….it always adds a lot of laughter, interactivity and fun stories for all….elevating the day and creating another magical moment you and your guests will remember. 

Your story is the story.

Wedding Entertainment – Improv

We have a format to fit any wedding, fully customizing the performance specifically to you, working with you and your team, ensuring it fits the day perfectly. 

And if a customized improv show about the happy couple might not be the perfect fit, we can add memorable experiences in a variety of ways.

  • Perhaps we “crash” the wedding, with a hilarious reveal that shocks everyone.
  • We can also emcee for a portion to add an extra blast of hilarity, roasting and toasting

Looking to add a uniquely designed and hilarious competitive element. We’ve got that. Our Comedy Rumble Wedding format is a perfect fit. 

Whatever you choose, you can trust it’ll be the most fun and unique wedding entertainment.

Here’s a few more ideas to add to your wedding day for a little extra sparkle

Wedding Entertainment and Fun Ideas


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(we also offer Corporate event entertainment packages if you’re looking for unique entertainment for a company event). 

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