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creativity managers

Creativity Workshops for Your Managers

Creativity for managers is an essential skill in today’s marketplace…essential for your organization’s success, for your manager’s success and for creating an environment that inspires their teams and all stakeholders.

When your staff and leaders are stuck in the face of new challenges, or frustrated by the pace and the scope of change, or in a creative rut – it’s time for a creativity boost. Managers embracing a creative mindset is the foundation to more cohesive, productive and happier teams.

Focusing on creativity shifts teams from a staid, linear approach to problem-solving and ideation, to a lateral and open strategy that inspires contributions from everyone, highlighting the positive side of risk.

It’s a game-changer. 

The ability to innovate and rapidly respond to changes in the business environment is critical to competitiveness and success. Creativity and problem-solving skills are key elements of improving the outcomes in projects that require innovation. Improvisation can foster problem solving, creativity, and innovation, and it is becoming a requirement for many organizations.”
MIT Sloan Review magazine article, “The Art of Business Improvisation

creativity managers

Creativity for Managers
Our creativity workshops for managers are unique, interactive sessions that use improv-based concepts and skills as the foundation for an experiential learning session.

Our team has had the opportunity to work with many organizations and their managers, creating lasting change through our unique sessions. Sessions that deliver tangible takeaways that can be immediately applied, while also being a unique team building experience with colleagues. 

(all of our corporate training workshops are fully customized to your team!)

Creativity for Managers

Our workshops provide managers the ability to:

– create a hyper-supportive environment where new ideas are embraced and built upon. Within this environment, managers and team members will see ideation, collaboration and execution increase exponentially

– build teams that think more creatively about challenges and generate effective solutions for solving them.

– embrace the unpredictable and overcome fear of the unknown (and the role that plays in spurring creativity)

– focus on seeing any new challenge as an opportunity (not an obstacle), and infuse that same approach across their teams

Each workshop is customized specifically to your group, providing a customized learning approach which is efficient, lasting, and cost effective.

The result: leaders, teams and organizations with the creative and interpersonal skills to manage the unexpected, meet change rapidly and inspire creativity and thoughtful risk-taking.

Contact us: For more information on our workshops, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss a customized session for your team. 


Corporate Improv Workshops

Here at The Comedy Department, our team works with organizations of all sizes across North America, using the fundamentals and techniques of improv to build stronger teams, stronger corporate cultures, and unleashing creativity and innovation for companies. 

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