Corporate Workshops and Team Building Activities

Every week our team works with organizations helping them build stronger teams, manage change, collaborate and communicate at a higher level, increase their creativity and innovation and  drive customer loyalty.  It’s also unique and thoughtful reward for their employees.

Our Corporate Training Workshops use the proven techniques of improvisation to strengthen and develop teamwork, connect colleagues, and unleash a team’s (or organization’s) creativity and innovation.

Our Corporate Workshop Team are amongst the leaders in the improv-based corporate training space, having designed and delivered sessions for hundreds of clients over the years.

Improvisation is so much more than entertainment as you’ll see in our sessions.

Laughter is a happy by-product of improvisation. At its core, Improv is about listening, collaborating and creating something together that couldn’t have existed as a solo act. Improv is TEAMWORK.

We have a number of themes we focus on, but can customize specifically for your group.

Team Building

Team Building Through Collaboration

One of our most popular workshops.

Whether you’re looking for purely a fun team event that brings everyone together, or a team building experience that focuses on fundamentally impacting the overall culture, we have proven sessions that will exceed your expectations.

Your group will have fun and share a lot of laughter, while collaborating, creating and innovating together.

Innovation and Creativity

Unleashing a team’s creativity and innovation is a specialty of ours. These fun sessions highlight how everyone can contribute to a team’s overall creativity and innovation, and the roadmap for unleashing this powerful tool. Collaborating, creating, and innovating at a higher level, while getting contributions from everyone on the team, is the outcome of these sessions.

The benefits to your team include:

  • creating a culture of support that encourages ideas
  • fully exploring the potential of all ideas
  • increased collaboration which leads to increased lateral thinking and creativity
  • embracing “mistakes” or “failure”
  • accepting, valuing and building on each other’s ideas
  • more productive brainstorming
  • actively listening and being genuinely present with each other
  • viewing change as an opportunity

Presentation Skills

Whether it’s talking to your team as their manager, trying to land one potential client, or presenting to a room of hundreds – our “Presentation Skills Workshop” will give you the skills, tips and strategies to be a more confident, clear and engaging communicator.

As an improv-based corporate training company, we’re experts in the areas of effective communication and presenting.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • express ideas clearly and confidently.
  • quickly build rapport with an audience.
  • think on your feet and become more comfortable dealing with the unexpected.
  • understand the importance of physical presence and body language.

Infused within every workshop, is our team’s focus on igniting:

Pencil icon


When all ideas are welcome without judgment, your team will be more innovative as they unlock their imagination.



When an environment is fostered with support and inspiration, a more cohesive team flourishes. With egos put aside, challenges are solved and your team works towards a common goal.

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When awareness and listening are key, your team will be more willing and ready to share ideas and create magic together.

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