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Middle Aged Boy Band

“Laughed harder than I have in ages and had a BLAST Highly recommend. Take your friends. Take your enemies. Just go!”

- Katrina Prescott -

Middle Aged Boy Band:
The Comeback You Didn't Know You Needed

Remember these guys? Neither do we. But guess what? The Greatest Boy Band That Never Was is hitting the road with their much-anticipated reunion tour, and it’s going to be a riot!

Get ready to laugh your face off with “Middle Aged Boy Band,” the uproariously funny comedy show that takes a hilarious swipe at the iconic boy bands of yesteryear—think *NSYNC, New Kids on the Block, and One Direction! It’s Whose Line is it Anyways meets the Backstreet Boys.

These washed-up pop stars are back, struggling to hit those high notes, battling receding hairlines, and embracing their dad bods with pride.

Expect an unforgettable night of improv comedy that will have you in stitches. Some of Canada’s sharpest improv comedians will take the stage, whipping up side-splitting comedy based on your suggestions. They’ll even belt out improvised love ballads that’ll make your heart flutter with laughter. Sure, their dance moves are basic, but hey, so are their minds!

Middle Aged Boy Band is the comeback tour you never knew you needed, and it’s guaranteed to leave you begging for an encore. Get your tickets now and join the fun—before they realize they’re past their prime!

The Cast

David Milchard, Denise Jones, Michael Teigen and Ken Lawson are Canadian Comedy Award-winners and have toured internationally to thousands of audiences all over the world and performed alongside improv legends Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.

  • Just for Laughs
  • Granville Island’s Vancouver TheatreSports Alumni
  • Members of the Internationally acclaimed The Comic Strippers
  • Second City Alumni
  • YouTube Streamy Award Winners
  • Conversations With My 2-Year-Old (125 million views on You Tube)

You’ve seen them on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, CBC, CRAVE and HBO.

They’ve toured across North America, Australia and The Caribbean and performed at comedy festivals such as: Just For Laughs, BumberShoot, Edmonton’s Improvaganza, and the Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Vancouver and San Francisco Improv festivals.

show details


The Hub International Theatre
Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St.
Chilliwack, BC V2P 4A6

Show time

Saturday, November 9, 7.30 pm


Presale: $39
Regular: $44

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comedy night stars Denise and David sitting on suitcases laughing at the camera