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Presentation Skills Workshops with Improv

Presentation Skills Workshops with improv

Becoming a better presenter and storyteller is easier than you think. Our Presentation Skills Workshops with improv are designed to make you a more confident, relaxed and engaging presenter – and the added bonus to becoming a better presenter is that you and your team will have a lot of fun in the process of learning these tips and skills. 

Through our Presentation Skills Workshops we work with teams from a wide range of sectors, including sales teams, groups of managers, young leaders, educators, grad students preparing to embark on their careers, lawyers, software engineers, real estate agents and spokespeople for both public and private companies.

Presentation Skills Workshops with improv

Presentation Skills workshops with improv
Using the strategies and skills of improv as the foundation for your session (and showing you how to embrace an improv mindset) not only will you be a more confident, effective presenter and communicator, but these workshops add value in all areas of your life. Notably, you’ll be more comfortable thinking on your feet in all settings, both professional and personal, as well as learning tips for how to embrace the unpredictable, the power of active listening and er and creating authentic interactions.

Whether it’s casually addressing your team, in a sales meeting, presenting one-on-one, or speaking to to an audience of hundreds, our improv-based Presentation Skills Workshops are designed to help with:

– telling your story (product story, brand story, personal story, etc.)

– techniques to engage and connect with your audience

– how to use an improv mindset when presenting

– expressing your ideas clearly and confidently

– being comfortable going off-script and thinking on your feet

– quickly winning over an audience

– creating authentic interactions

– becoming more self-aware and less inhibited

– developing rapport

– handling the unexpected with grace

– turning mistakes into “wins”

– how to be aware of your voice and body language

– the power of being in the moment

Contact us to find out more about our workshops (we also offer a very popular Team Building Activity that works well tagged on to a Presentation Skills workshop). 

All of our sessions, from this Presentation Skills workshop, to our Team Building Activity, can be done in-person, or as a virtual workshop (always done in a comfortable, safe setting). 

Here’s an article from Alex hughes, a product manager in the tech space who discovered how improv could help him be a better presenter and communicator:
How I Used Improv as a Growth Hack to Become a Better Public Speaker

You can check out more of our packages, including our Office Holiday Party Ideas, as well as having us add that extra “wow” factor at your wedding with our Wedding Entertainment Improv…and entertainment for every type of corporate and private event (Corporate Event Entertainment). 

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