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Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Tips for Managing Remote Teams

With the rise of organizations hiring staff who will work almost exclusively remotely, the need for managers to develop skills for managing remote teams has become increasingly important.

More and more our clients are specifically asking for sessions focused on how they can manage remote teams effectively?

How do we make sure they’re engaged? That they feel a part of the larger team and connected to the goals and vision of the organization, but also to staff who are either in the office day-to-day, or are also working remotely. 

According to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics, over 80% of employees indicated they’d like the option to work remotely, and close to 50% have already embraced working remotely as part of their lives. Obviously with the events since March 2020, the shift to remote teams has been rapid and in many cases, permanent. 

Managing remote teams

Tips for Managing Remote Teams 

We have a virtual session for team managers focused on specifically this – providing strategies you can immediately apply for managing remote teams (if you’d like more info on our “Tips for Managing Remote Teams” please get in touch with us at

Managing remote teams can be a challenge, but with an organized process and focus on a culture of engagement, transparency and inclusion, you’ll create a group of team members who are engaged and connected to each other, and the larger organization, as well as a team that’s loyal to each other, who actively look for ways to support colleagues and trust each other – regardless of where they’re working from.

We work with organizations in the areas of Team Building, collaborating at a high level, unleashing creativity and innovation and effective communication – all of which are a part of creating and managing a happy, productive remote team. We go through all of this in our “Tips for Managing Remote Teams” session. 

We’ll create a customized session specifically for you and your team. 

We also offer a number of other workshops, including our “Creativity for Managers” workshop, focused on providing leaders with techniques and strategies to create teams that embrace creativity and innovation. 

Reach out if you are interested in learning more about our “Tips for Managing Remote Teams


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