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Virtual Team Building Activity 

virtual team building activity

Virtual Team Building Activity 

I can still remember the days when a virtual team building activity request from a client was the anomaly…but obviously a lot has changed since March of 2020.

With many of us continuing to work from home, and an increasing number of organizations shifting to exclusively a remote working environment, a Virtual Team Building activity has become the default team building experience for a significant percentage of the workforce.  

Teams are always looking for ways to increase connectivity and engagement, perhaps now more than ever, but with the added element of online platforms (Zoom, Google Teams, etc.) being the default for communicating with colleagues, it can become increasingly difficult to ensure that high level of interactivity, connectivity and engagement for everyone. 

Virtual team building activity

Virtual Team Building Activity

Whether in-person, or as a virtual team building activity, something that hasn’t changed since March of 2020 is team leaders continuing to embrace the value of regularly scheduled team events. 

It can often be a difficult task, even under ideal circumstances, to create and sustain a connected, supportive team that collaborates at a high level. 

When you add in the shift from a setting of daily in-person interactions, to one where colleagues are geographically spread out, and no longer in the same space every day, it can be increasingly easier for team members to feel disconnected. 

They no longer have those familiar patterns of office flow (impromptu interactions, casual meet-ups, scheduled meetings, ducking out for lunch with colleagues, etc.) layered into their days.

That’s where we can help with a customized virtual team building activity for your group. 

We have a lot of experience bringing teams together with improv-based team building activities (and no, no one needs to be worried about having to perform,or be put on the spot in front of colleagues – that doesn’t happen). 

What does happen is your team will have a blast, sharing a lot of laughter and creating fun stories together (it’s always a real perk for your staff)…while flowing through a unique team building experience that connects them in a lasting way. 

And we can layer in themes of collaboration, communicating more effectively, ways to be a more supportive group, embracing the unpredictable and effectively managing change (again we custom design the session specifically to your team). 

Contact us to learn more about our Virtual Team Building Activity to see if it’s a fit for your team.

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